2nd month in the U S of A

Second month completed ✅

I actually can’t believe how fast this month flown by! July has been a lot of fun and I’ve already made some memories that I won’t forget.

With training out the way, this past month all the interns have been in the restaurant which they were placed in, working with the team and management and getting to know the members. It’s been really fun to be honest, the team at 27 West (the restaurant I work in) are great, we all get along together and have similar interests which is nice. At the moment we are a small team because it isn’t season yet but I think it’s good because we’ve gotten to know each other and we spend time with each other outside of work so it makes work more fun and as a team we also work well together (like always helping each other out etc). At least once a week we will go round to someone’s house/apartment and have a few drinks (non alcoholic for those under 21 obvs🤪) and chill out which is always fun. We have all been to the beach after work and once went to a pool bar to see one of the locals sister sing. It’s really the simple things that have been so much fun as of yet because we are all getting to know each other and us interns wanna go explore and fun, so it’s good to make friends with the locals and the people you work with because they’ve been here longer and will know what activities to do and where best places to eat are or visit etc!

Within work myself and another intern have been working in the lounge area of the restaurant which is the bar area where the members enter and usually have a drink or an hors d’oeuvre (appetiser). So basically I’ve been greeting the members once they’ve sat down and asked if they would like anything to drink etc. Working in this section has actually helped me sooooo much with learning their last names and it gives you chance to interact with them a bit more which is actually really interesting. Working in the lounge and serving drinks has also helped me with my wine and beverage knowledge, which has been really handy.

We’ve had a couple of banquet events over July (4th July and a 99th birthday) which all the interns worked. 4th July was a long day and we worked at the club serving at the banquet event put on for the guests which was nice and the weather was great, it was cool seeing everyone dressed in the USA flag colours. There was also a members 99th birthday meal/buffet which some of us worked and it was the cutest thing EVER, like my heart melted 😩! Everyone was so lovely and some family members made speeches, it was just so nice to work at an intimate event like that and help contribute to make someone happy uno.

Along side working in the restaurant, I have been trained to work in the halfway house which is kind of like a mini cafe for the golfers, it’s very fast past and you work on your own with one chef but it’s been good to be in a different environment and I’ve found it another way to remember the members names and also get to know them a bit more, especially when I’ve worked in the halfway house during the day and then see them again at dinner service. Also a bonus of working at the halfway house is being able to ride a golf cart! I swears it’s the little things that get you excited over here 😂. Skrrr skrrr 🏎

I feel a lot more settled over here and I’m excited for the rest of the interns and workers to arrive. This month has been the month where the home sickness has hit me and I’ve missed my friends soooo much, from living at uni surrounded by my pals for the past 5 years to flying across the world and not having anyone has been challenging at times but it’s getting better and I feel better about things. Like I didn’t come all this way to go home over home sickness, I know if I did I would regret it and I know for a fact that after a few days of being at home I would be like “wtf am I doing lol”. New people are always joining and I get my roommate in September so that should be fun. 👯‍♀️

Favourite food place of the month: Blaze (basically like a subway but for pizza and they have a deal which I always get; $8.95 for half a pizza and a side salad and the side salad you choose what goes in it and it’s probably one of the nicest salads I’ve had), I literally went to this place 3 days in a row

Favourite place to visit of the month: Juno beach – we went after work, took a big speaker, a big cooler and a load of beers and a ball and it was just really chill and weather was good and we went into the sea etc. I would recommend doing this if you have the next day off tho 😂 save the hangover

Saving money tip of the month: don’t buy a big food shop. At Admirals Cove (I think a few country clubs have cafeterias for staff also) we eat at work in the cafeteria so I rarely eat at home, I have some items like cereal, eggs, butter, breakfast bars and I have some salmon frozen etc. Like if I want to cook something specifically then il buy the extras on the day and freeze any left overs. Food over here is expensive compared to back home so a shop that would usually cost me £25 back at home in Aldi would cost me like $50/$60 here at publix. But publix is close by and convenient and each week they do have good deals. There is also an Aldi here! It isn’t the same but I’m gonna do a brief online shop just for some essentials and get it delivered to see what that’s like.

One thing I’m looking forward to in the upcoming month: going to a baseball game! In Jupiter every Thursday in season there is a game and you can buy a beer and then after refills are $1 so gonna be checking that out- mainly for the game but the beer is a bonus🤙🏻

DG x

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