Country Club Life

1/4 of the year done – Another month down and it’s already September! Been meaning to post for a while but kept getting distracted by the hurricane which was meant to hit and working and meeting my new roommate etc etc. But here is my recent month and my opinions or observations on working at the club!

So one of the main things I’ve noticed since being here is that their is always an expectations of good customer service within the industry and what could be seen as great customer service in some restaurants in the UK can be seen as average to good in the US. I say this because one of the first things I noticed whilst being here is that the steps of service within restaurants that I’ve ate at have been very similar.

Now obviously when you go to a restaurant or any type of food and beverage venue, you expect customer service, if anything customer service can make or break whether you decide to go back to that place again. Over in the US more or less every food and beverage worker will rely on the tips they receive during their shift, so the service you get over here is more noticeable in more or less every place you visit which is why tipping is much more common over here than it is in the UK.

So, with this being said, working in a country club is also slightly different. As Admirals Cove is the only country club that I have worked in I don’t have another one to compare it to, so I’m unsure if every club is the same or not. Working life here is different to any other job I have worked at before. The country club is like a small community, there are houses and yachts across the water front, there’s 3 different restaurants as well as 2 halfway houses and 4 golf courses. You are only able to visit/dine at the venues if you are a member, a guest of a member or, sometimes over summer when it’s less busy members from other country clubs are able to visit.

To be a member at this club you must have purchased a property or a yacht, along side this you must also pay an annual fee of $100,000+ depending on what type of membership you want. So as you can imagine, service within the facilities is of very high standards and that’s everywhere, not just the food and beverage department.

The food and beverage venues are said to be non profit, so basically the money they put in they will make back but they will not make much of a profit, if any. Compared to back home in the UK I’ve never heard of a food and beverage business which was anything like this, the main aim for most businesses is to create a profit to remain open and keep customers by providing good customer service so they will come back. It’s really interesting how profit isn’t a main priority here, it gives people more focus on the satisfaction of others rather than finance.

I’m really enjoying working here, the team I work with is great and the managers are nice and as soon as you start seeing each member more it becomes more relaxed when you serve them, like obviously you still provide full service but you can have a joke with them and get to know them a bit more which is really nice as well. You know back in the UK when you get regulars, but imagine the entire club are regulars haha.

The last month has been the fastest one yet, like time literally flew by! Right at the start of August I went to a baseball game with some of the lads from work which was good, it was $9 a ticket and then $10 for a beer but then each beer cost a dollar after for a refill and we kept the cups so next time we wanna go a beer will cost a dollar which is mint for how expensive it can get here. To be honest other than the baseball game, meeting for a drink and some nibbles with Rasheeda and the gang (which was lovely, she’s so understanding and great to chat to) and going into T J maxx for the first time (RIP wages fyi), I haven’t done too much, a lot of drinking games, a lot of sunbathing, a lot of working and a lot of eating at different places (me fav thing) oooo and I decorated my room! Finally making it more homely🏡. That being said I have a lot to look forward to this month! As I mentioned before I finally have a roommate! Absolutely buzzing, like before getting here I was dreading having a roommate but then once here and I learned I wasn’t getting one till September I was happy for my own space but then after a month I was like “I need a roomie”. Also got my graduation party this month, one of the Irish gals bday, a couple of leaving parties which will be sad and a trip to Miami to see my home gal 😍

Favourite food place of the month: Taco Chula! Serves Mexican food and it is literally right next to our apartment complex and it’s good prices! Always so busy and cute decor. Love ordering here and then taking it by the pool with the gals

Favourite place to visit of the month: for sure T J Maxx, like it’s so cheap it’s unreal, so much useful stuff and you can treat yourself, like designer bags for less than $100 is a bargain, I legit spent 2 hours in there by myself

Money saving tip: don’t go to T J Maxx.. haaaa I’m joking🌝 just be sensible with what money you have. But no for real, money saving tip this month would be to walk to places. So for example we always get an Uber to the mall but it’s a 35/40 min walk which is not bad at all, it sounds a lot but you walk far to places all the time and don’t realise and it saves money and get you your daily steps in!

One thing I’m looking forward to this month: MIAMI! my frickkkkin gal from back home is coming over and I can’t wait to see her😍😍😍 will defo do a whole post on this once I’ve been but I don’t go till the end of the month so TBC

DG x

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