Shake that homesickness off

I’m gonna take a quick moment to explain how I am overcoming my homesickness as it’s something everyone will experience at least once whilst being away from home. Remember this isn’t solid advice and I’m no psychiatrist or motivation speaker, I’m just speaking my own words which helped me stop being a doughnut 🍩🤪

Let’s get real; moving halfway across the world is a great opportunity and you will gain so much from it. Exploring new cultures, meeting new people, understanding the different lifestyles, educating yourself and having fun is what this type of internship can offer, however, it will be challenging at times. Being away from home whether it be your first time of hundredth time, there may always be something you are going to miss, you are stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself, exceeding your limits to find what is out there and expanding your knowledge on what you already know.

Before coming over to the US I knew that at one point I would get homesick, I’d miss my family, my friends, my dog, the nights out, the city etc etc. I studied at the University of Lincoln for 5 years so I was constantly away from home, I only went back for a couple of days over Christmas because of working as well as studying, so I know that I can deal with being away from home, what I didn’t anticipate was the way I have missed my friends since being here. For the last 5 years I have lived with my pals and I have been independent with them in my life, in my every day routine, they were basically my family. I hadn’t thought about it like that until I came here and I realised that I wouldn’t see them everyday and that they wouldn’t just be a walk around the corner or a drive away.

For a good few weeks I was very homesick and distant from the people here as I missed how things were back in the UK and I almost felt as if I had become unsociable, I still spoke to my friends back home more or less every day but it wasn’t the same. I kept thinking “I want to go home for a week just to see them and come back” or I just thought “I want to go home”. I didn’t have a roommate at this point but I had friends here and I enjoyed work, I just felt like there was something missing. (Now everyone is different so this is just how my mindset and outlook changed.) To get over this minor bump in the road I was constantly talking to my mum, I would FaceTime her and my grandma when I could – I had just received my results back from uni and found out I would be graduating with a 2:1! After a week or so passed, I had received mail at the club and it was a card and necklace from my family back home – I cried. It wasn’t sad crying though, I was really happy and for some reason I felt so much better. I FaceTimed my mum the next day and I told her how happy it made me and I said to her that if we wrote to each other or sent out cards it would always make me smile and not miss home so much as I feel like I have something from home with me. I received another card a few weeks ago just to let me know that the family miss me and some photos. Honestly, keeping in touch with anyone from home in a physical form is so different than sending texts or video calling (at least for me anyway). It really helped and things just started feeling easier. So, I can confirm that I definitely don’t want to go home, neither do I want to visit back home, I would much rather use that money and visit somewhere else in the US! Make the most of my time here whilst I can because I tell you, these months are actually flying by now.

Another thing which helped change my mindset/outlook was thinking about when I went to do a season in Greece a few years ago. I got a job with Thomas Cook working as a club 18-30 rep and I was going to be living in zante for half the year. I quit, I quit 2.5 months in because my mindset was not in the right place and as soon as I missed home I ran back, I remember how annoyed I was with myself after a week of being home.

Moving anywhere out of your hometown on your own is a challenge and if you give up at the first struggle then what is the point in building yourself up. I was looking at the process rather than the outcome.

You know what you want to gain from this experience and if you don’t, then start to think about it, think about what you have learnt so far, what more you are going to learn, what friends you have made, who else you’re going to meet and what this whole experience can offer you once it’s over.

Let’s face it; what would you be doing if you went back home? The same people and places are going to be there once you’re back and I can guarantee at least 5 people have said to you “You’re brave, I couldn’t do something like that” or “I wish I could of had the opportunity to do this when I was your age”, make the most of now.

(A motivation life coach came to speak to us today lol can you tell)

But seriously the homesickness will pass and you will feel so much better and really enjoy yourself. Always look at the bigger picture and set yourself goals. AND ALWAYS TALK TO YOUR PALS WITH YOU ABOUT IT – they probs thinking exactly the same!

Hope this wasn’t too much of a mumble ✌🏼

DG x

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