You live and you learn

Time flies when ya living ya best life

I know I’ve been saying this in every post but jheeeeez that month went by fast. Honestly now that I am settled the time is flying by and with season only around the corner I think it’s only going to fly by faster.

So recently at the club we had some more training with the new group of J1’s that arrived. We had a guest trainer in, Andy Stangenberg. He’s a motivational speaker/life coach/owns his own business for training etc (google him). So he came along for 3 days and spoke to us all and we did some practical training on the last day also. It was a different approach to training, it was more about your personal values and the way you can react to things at work/things in life, it was really motivating and got me thinking a lot about what I want to do for my future career. If you need any motivation I would definitely recommend listening to a life coach or googling some ted talks maybe!

So when it comes to work life the routine can be somewhat the same apart from when we have banquets/events.

For example, my usual schedule for the week at the moment would be; Thursday off, Friday 11am-close(9:30/10pm), Saturday 3pm-close, Sunday off, Monday 8am-4pm, Tuesday 8am-4pm, Wednesday 9am-3pm. Which in honesty is not a bad schedule at all, however once season starts 27 West (restaurant I work in) will be open everyday so the times will change.

Even though at the moment the schedule has more or less the same structure each week we still find ourselves enjoying work and encountering with different members all the time. The managers we have are always telling us something new, whether that be about wine pairings or the difference between two coffee beans and once you start to remember these facts it can always be a nice conversation to have at a table with the members, passing on the information that you learnt to someone else. Having a good relationship with the members is so important and by learning what we do via our training manager and our food and beverage managers it can show when in conversation. As I mentioned in my previous post, there members are like “regulars” that you would get back home. The club is their home and we basically work for them so making an effort with them and remember things like their drinks order or food they don’t like can go a long way. For example, there are two brothers who will come in once a week either a Tuesday or Friday night and they always have the same drink, a Diet Coke with no ice, a club soda with ice and a side plate of lemons, so every time they come in straight away I will serve them these drinks and they appreciate the fact that I know their drinks and that when they are 3/4 empty I will get them fresh refills. Not only does it make a good impression and help build towards that relationship but they start remembering your name too and in some cases if you happen to make a mistake (we are humans we all do) then sometimes they won’t get frustrated because they have that relationship with you. A couple of weeks ago the brothers were in the restaurant with their parents, I wasn’t their server but I was helping bring out some hot drinks after their meals, I placed down the cups of tea and coffee and the sugar caddy and the milk, I forgot that I had placed another small jug of milk on the try I was carrying so when I went to clear something from their table I lifted the tray higher so it was out of their faces when grabbing something from the table and the milk tipped and went all over me, all over the floor and splashed on one of the brothers. So as you can imagine I was mortified, apologised about a hundred times and disappeared to the back so I could change my vest and make sure I looked presentable. I went back out to the table and apologised again and offered any dry cleaning if needed from the spill but luckily after building some relation with these members, they were fine and really nice which is very lucky because that could of gone completely the opposite way. So yeah it’s definitely always important to have a good relationship with the members or at least know them by their last name.

So this past week with work we had a banquet on which was for 180 people on a Thursday afternoon. It was a 3 course set dinner for volunteers at a local medical center. Everything went well and was organised, as it was in the afternoon it was quite a quick event and didn’t take too long to set up or clean up. We’ve actually had a few banquets this month such as, a couple of weddings, lobster night and a cocktail hour for directors and the board of governors etc.

Setting up for banquets will usually start a couple days before depending on the type of event and the schedule of events for the week. It will mainly consist of setting up tables and silverware, organising if there is a stage area of a buffet, decorating the room with decor (some events will require the hire of decorations if there is a certain theme e.g the board of governors cocktail hour was a Japanese theme). Once the event has started then everyone is assigned a different section whether that be serving or passing wine or serving on the buffet, everyone has their set section and then once the event is over everyone is given task to clean up and flip the room so it goes by faster, the key to the banquets/events is organisation and working as a team.

All in all you’re constantly finding yourself learning new things and most the time you do it without knowing especially with the different culture over here. Still fully enjoying this experience and eager to learn more. I’m feeling like this will benefit my future with what I’m wanting to do as a career after Admirals Cove.

*what I got up to this month will be in my miami post*

DG x

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