….plus bits from my favourite month yet! SOOO as I mentioned before, I went to Miami to visit my gals from back home, I spent 3 days there and it certainly did not disappoint! It can be expensive though but I kind of expected that anyway, I think I spent around $350 for the 3 […]


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You live and you learn

Time flies when ya living ya best life I know I’ve been saying this in every post but jheeeeez that month went by fast. Honestly now that I am settled the time is flying by and with season only around the corner I think it’s only going to fly by faster. So recently at the […]

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Shake that homesickness off

I’m gonna take a quick moment to explain how I am overcoming my homesickness as it’s something everyone will experience at least once whilst being away from home. Remember this isn’t solid advice and I’m no psychiatrist or motivation speaker, I’m just speaking my own words which helped me stop being a doughnut 🍩🤪 Let’s […]

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Country Club Life

1/4 of the year done – Another month down and it’s already September! Been meaning to post for a while but kept getting distracted by the hurricane which was meant to hit and working and meeting my new roommate etc etc. But here is my recent month and my opinions or observations on working at […]

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2nd month in the U S of A

Second month completed ✅ I actually can’t believe how fast this month flown by! July has been a lot of fun and I’ve already made some memories that I won’t forget. With training out the way, this past month all the interns have been in the restaurant which they were placed in, working with the […]

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As mentioned within the previous post; this blog entry is all about the first steps of becoming apart of the internship programme! This might be quite lengthy so bare with me or just skip down to the sections you need to know about. Half of the process is long and can make you want to […]



HIYA! SO, I’ve been in Florida for just over a month now and it has gone by so fast! From the airport to training, to the first day, it has been crazy, but good crazy! For anyone considering applying for the internship; hopefully this blog will help you understand a bit more about the process […]

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